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    “Ric Buy Houses", Are you looking for a qualified buyer that will take the time to understand your unique situation? A buyer that will come up with a reasonable offer that helps you sell house fast in NJ? Look no further; we have been buying houses in New Jersey since 1992. We will work hard to make sure you get a fair and straightforward offer. You can close with No Repairs, Realtors, or Banks so that you can close on your schedule.”

    Is There A Way I Can Sell My House Fast In NJ?

    How do I sell my house in New Jersey real fast? Is this question causing you sleepless nights? There are many people who don’t want to use the conventional time-consuming process of selling a property through realtors. If you feel this way, then you must contact us now. We are one of the most trusted companies that buy homes in NJ. We don’t ask you to carry out any repairs or improvements to your house. This means that you will not be burdened with any expenses before selling the property. Contact us now to close a deal quickly without any hassles.

    Why Should I Sell My House In New Jersey To Ric Buys Houses?

    Are you wondering why you should sell your house to us? The biggest reason why you should connect with us that we buy your property in as-is condition. We don’t ask our clients to do any maintenance or repairs for completing the transaction. We are one of the most trusted cash buyers in New Jersey that purchase your asset at the best price. We are ready to close the deal whenever you are. Take your time weighing our offer and then reach us and we will pay cash for your house in NJ.

    What Is The Process To Sell House Fast In NJ To RicBuysHouses?

    RicBuysHouses uses a simple process to purchase your property. Reach us over the phone or fill the form on our website to communicate your property’s details. We will offer you the perfect solution to suit your specific situation. If you feel comfortable, invite us over to take a look at your property. Our team of expert home buyers in New Jersey will use the opportunity to estimate the value of your house. Take your time considering our offer. We buy houses in NJ really fast and once you give the go-ahead, we will close the deal quickly.

    Call the Best Home Buyers in New Jersey

    RicBuysHouses likes to keep things simple. We never inconvenience our customers with multiple showings of their properties. Our experts require just a single visit to estimate the worth of your house. Moreover, we offer cash for your property with no strings attached. Working with real estate agencies can be a hassle for people who want to sell their houses fast. You have to wait for good offers and then wait even more for the buyer to arrange the funding for closing the transaction.

    Can someone help me sell my house fast in NJ ?

    If this is what you feel, then call us now to let us help you achieve your objective.

    Reliable Cash Buyers in New Jersey

    RicBuysHouses has been in the business of buying property assets for cash for over 28 years. We take pride in closing transactions at our customers’ convenience. Whether you choose to complete the process in ten days or ten weeks- we will be ready with the cash. We respect the reasons that have led you to consider selling your house. Our professionals never put pressure on our clients to make improvements or clean the property before selling.

    I want to sell my house in New Jersey but what’s the quickest way to do so?

    Reach us now and we will deliver the best answer to your question.

    • No Showings or Hassles
    • No Realtors or Commissions
    • No Banks or Delays
    • No Inspections or Repairs
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    We can give you lots of advantages, from which you will surely benefit.


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    In the current market, it has become tough to sell your house at a fair price. We have set up our home buying process to be as simple as possible so that homeowners don’t have to go through the hassle. We understand your reasons and challenges that you face due when you decide to sell your house. We provide you an easy, simple, and quick solution to sell your house in New Jersey.

    If you are going through any of the following situation, we are here to help:

    Facing difficulty in selling your New Jersey house

    Not getting a fair price for your house

    Need Quick Cash

    Don’t want to deal with agents

    Don’t want to pay

    closing fees

    Want a simple, transparent process

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